WBENC National Certification Number: WBE1700622

WBENC Oregon Certification Number: WBE10620

WBENC OR WBE Certification Number: 10620

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Big C Industries, a woman-owned business, has a reputation of providing quality, on-time steel fabrication deliveries. The Big C Team has proven that integrity and reliability builds relationships with customers and vendors that is lasting. Whether your steel fabrication needs are simple or more complex, long lead or fast tracked, Big C Industries can provide the quality of fabrication you need, when you need it, and it is all done with exceptional customer service.
Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication, Custom Fabrication and Structural Fabrication including stairs, handrails & guardrails, bollards, ledger angles, steel concrete support (embeds), brackets, shims, plates and parts, building frames, moment frames, columns and beam supports.
Project Management, Planning & Scheduling, Remote access to “live updates” on projects and deliveries via our steel software intranet.
State of the Art Equipment located in a 7200 SF shop with 2 acres of storage area for quality finished product manufacturing including punching holes, cutting parts, bending tubes and pipes, stud welding, simple and complex welding projects.

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