WBENC National Certification Number: WBE1700622

WBE Oregon Certification Number: WBE10620

WBE Washington Certification Number: W2F0024536

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Founded by Ronda Cross and Tom Ball at the request of customers, vendors and co-workers to fill the need for a reliable steel fabrication company. Ronda and Tom are known for providing the highest level of quality service, commitment, honesty, great communication, and excellent teamwork.
Big C Industries is a Steel Fabrication Business committed to providing consistent communication (the “big C” in any relationship being Communication), integrity, and an excellent working environment for our employees. We ensure World Class Products with our customers and vendors that are professional, productive, and profitable for all.
Big C Industries commits to communicating with our customers regarding schedules, providing the highest quality products, and to inform our customers of potential issues immediately, not after the fact. Contact Us